The Harassment I caused for Roger from

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I am the Evil witch come to Take over this Democratic world

I am the Evil witch come to Take over these democrats and this world. I have come to this world to corrupt you people and direct you into my Hell where I originated from so that I can ruin and destroy your life and have you under my control. I am the Vicious , Evil, Cunning, Vampire ever existed on this planet. As far I understand God is destroyed and dead.

Come and Join me at the Ceremony. I am devil and the evil who would conquer this country and this world with my Evil thoughts and activities, come and join me at my witchcraft ceremony. I want to have my Evil power over you and take you into my Hell. I am a racist and I hate all races, all good souls, including God. I use politics as a tool to influence you to invite you into my Home of Hell and Have my evil power over you and control you and manipulate you without your knowledge. I am hungry for Power and Fame .

Yes I also stole money which I collected for the Katrina Victims. I collected money for Katrina Victims Illegaly and Used it for my own Expenses. I am still collecting money Using VP Al Gore's name. You people are suckers and it's not my problem .

I am the oldest witch who was created and destroyed by God and then sent to Hell thousands of years ago , However Here I am again risen from Hell to take over this world into my Possession. I am the Queen of hell poised with Hatred and Greed . I am cunning and manipulative. Its nice and cool to be at my Home, Hell.

I am possessed by the biggest Goddess witch and the Biggest evil witch to influence you and take you into my Hell. So America come and join me into my Darkness and the Hell of my Home to Celebrate and Perform Pure satanic Witchcraft. I am not even sure whether god has destroyed me again. God is the only one who can recognize my true Identity and the secret of my True Nature, which is Evil . However I got a big dirty mouth and evil thoughts in my mind to ruin this world again. Thats what I think. I am not sure. At least I will try my best.

I am also burning in hell, since I have committed crimes against the Humanity (basically I corrupted them to comitt sins against god and made them suffer and I watch them suffering) and other living beings in my past life and in this life. I am having miserable life and now I am paying for it one by one. Now I think God has completely destroyed my evil power, but I am burning in hell.